Best Wedding Suit Tailors in Hong Kong


“When the Bells are ringing and all eyes are on you”

When the question is about your special day, we are sure there is no room for anycompromise in fabric, colour, fitting, style, and an overall appearance carriedwith bespoke tailor made mens wedding suit. Wedding means reflecting thereal personality of an individual with all elegance and that’s how we decide todesign your custom tailored wedding suits for men and suits made with finestcanvass. Let the beauty of Bride hold everyone’s eyes and Elegance of your styletake their breath away.

We offer our customers a varied range of options considering their personal choiceand our experts’ opinion, different fabrics are available as per the individual’scomfort level with a collection of colour schemes and shades to match your skintone and flaunt your real you in your wedding suits. In bespoke tailor made suitsfor men, we offer fabrics and wools like English super wool, Bateman Ogden,Dugdale bros, Merino wool, Bird eye, Shark skin wool and many more. The finest threadsare brought together to give the desired extraordinary feel for special day alongwith the superlative tailoring and fitting to sustain your comfort with a balanceof appearances at the same time. Accessories to compliment the look and add thegraveness in mens designer suits are accessible like working button, horn buttons,and silk lapels.

Custom Tailor Made Wedding Suits can be best complimented with right pairof trousers, shirt, tie for which we also bring forward to you the right match tobring the finest touch in the inclusive final look of yours. The Bespoke tailoringcollection options listed in our product list which covers bespoke shirts can beperfectly blend to your right pick. We assure you that after trying Manning Company’sbespoke tailor made wedding suit you will look forward to have a collectionof bespoke suits and a factory made suit will no longer be a part of yourwardrobe.

You can step in with sketch in your mind for your final D’ day wedding suit lookand we take the responsibility to present the best match to your personality inan affordable price. Be it a groom’s morning suit, wedding suits, tuxedo, a beachwedding suit or the best man’s suit, we take the responsibility toget ideal suit matching to each personality of entourage. We understand your everyminute details in requirement as we believe that the style statement for every individualis different.

Several different measurements of your body will be taken by our expert creatorstaking into account all the idiosyncrasies of your posture. You will be measuredby a bespoke cutter who has years of experience in fitted suits for men. Your suitis then hand cut to your specific measurements and hand stitched at our work studio,but only up to the ‘baste’ stage. After which your first fitting will be examinedby the tailor to check the accuracy of wedding suit. Followed by will be the alterationscarried by the specialist bespoke tailor will be assessed and analysed by the cutter.By then the final best suit for men outcome of will be ready for final trial andapproval. Depending on your shape, this may be your final fitting. Any alterationsif required will be carried by tailor as perfection is companies and our employee’smotto.

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