Frequently Top Asked Questions for Bespoke Suits and Shirts


1. Do you make outfits for ladies?
Yes, we do ladies suits, jackets, trouser/skirts, cashmere coat/jackets, silk blouses, dresses and any other garment you require for any special occasion.

2. How do I pay?

You can pay by any credit or debit card, by cheque, bank transfer or cash.

3. What does loose, comfortable and slim fitted mean?

These are simply descriptions of how close-fitting your suit will be. If you are fond of a little comfort in your suit, then the relaxed fit is for you; alternatively, the slim fit provides a neat tapered look to the jacket. In general, the relaxed or slim fit is what most people are used to. Super-slim fit, however, can take some getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body-shapes.

4. How do I order some more garments?

If you have ordered from us before, you do not need to come and get measured again unless you feel your measurements have altered. We store your measurements on file, so you can either come and see us to pick out your fabric and style or buy garments right here on our website. We also have frequent tours to major cities across the world.

5. How can I make my suits last longer?

The life span of a suit depends on three main factors:

One: The number of suits you own
This factor is by far the one that has the biggest effect on durability. If we assume you have to wear a suit 5 days a week, if you only own three suits, two of them are going to dilute as they are to be worn twice every week, assuming you’re rotating them correctly.
Furthermore if only one of those suits is light enough to be worn in the hottest summer months, you are going to end up wearing it every day for up to 2 months.
This can mean that the suit is worn out after one summer.
Ideally anyone who wears a suit 5 times a week should have at least seven suits: 1 winter weight for those ‘below zero’ days, 4 year-round medium weights that will be worn the majority of the time and 2 summer weight suits that can be rotated during July and August.
Anyone who flies to hot countries extensively on business will need more than 2 lightweight suits.
One way of improving durability without buying so many suits is to buy an extra pair of trousers. Typically the trousers will tend to wear out first as the jacket is often removed at work.
If the trousers are rotated then the suit will take far longer to wear out.

Two: Where and how often you have them cleaned

Suits do not benefit from being cleaned and it does shorten their life. As a result they should be cleaned as seldom as possible.
Dry cleaning can seriously affect the life of a suit; therefore, if the suit is to last, it must be done properly.
High Street dry cleaners will clean your suit with other garments that could include riveted jeans, studded leather jackets etc. that can damage the fabric. The suit may also suffer if pressed at too high a temperature.
We recommend good dry cleaners where suits are sponged and spot-cleaned individually rather than thrown into a drum with other garments.

Three: How you look after your suits
You have invested in your suit so if you want your suit to last ,you must treat it with respect. Do not put heavy items in the jacket pockets, as it will pull the suit out of shape. Why not put your Blackberry, wallet, cheque book etc. in your brief case or trouser pockets? If you ride a motorbike or push bike this will also reduce the life of your suit.

6. Do you do alterations?

Yes, we do alterations. Clothes purchased from us free alterations within first 90 days and thereafter at very reasonable price.

7. I have a question that is not answered here, how do I get more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be very happy to answer all your questions.

8. Do you keep measurements on file?

Yes, once you have ordered with us, we keep your records for 5 years. This makes it easier for re-ordering.

9. Are you able to duplicate the style and fit of a favourite garment in my collection?

Yes! Bring us the garment or a detailed picture of the item you want with your order and we will do the rest.

10. Can I choose my own lining?

Yes, we offer a wide range of linings for you to choose from. Including Pure silk, Bemberg and paisley linings

11. I notice I can only order shirts online. Why not suits?

You need the trained eye of our master tailor to ensure your suit fits well. That’s why we like to arrange a personal visit with you during our tours to your city. Our tailor will conduct a personal interview with you to determine your specific needs, then make personal recommendations. If you have ordered from us before, he will re-check your measurements and make sure your clothing fits perfectly.

12. Does Manning Company offer a guarantee?

Yes. All Manning Company shirts carry a lifetime free repair of any seam. A guarantee is only as good as the company, which is why we offer you the best.

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