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Our Journey :

Manning Company Established in 1979
New HK Classic Fashion Merged in 2008
Imperial Bespoke Tailor was Established in 2010
Shanghai’s Tailor Merged in 2019
Biemonte Wong’s Tailor Merged in 2019
Prior to that Biemonte Tailors & Wong’s Tailor Merged together in 2000s
Mode Elegante was Established in 1960

Producing only the highest-quality garments, Manning Company clients have come to expect excellence as a given. Manning Company’s clientele – many of whom are leaders in their own fields – are uncompromising in their demand for quality.

Manning Company Bespoke Tailors is one of the most famous and oldest bespoke tailors in succession since around 30 years in Hong Kong. The company came into existence with a strong commitment to offer fine designs, styles, patters and fitting with a team of experts having futuristic equipment and techniques. The success and progress of the company has been growing since years and the excellence of the craftsmen is the unique garment they design for each customer. With roots based in Hong Kong, the company has today spread their success story worldwide by catering customers around the globe.

Bespoke tailoring at Manning Company is all about an assurance of quality and accuracy in each of its designs, flairs, patterns, cuts, fittings, stitching and tailoring. The company not only thrives to deliver best to the customer but also focuses on providing maximum satisfaction and builds an evergreen bond with each of their customer. Customizing garments and providing best bespoke tailoring is the top objective of the company.

Manning Company specializes is tailoring finest garments like bespoke suits, bespoke shirts, trousers, jackets, sports coat, top coats, blazers along with elegant accessories like tie, cufflink and studs. The range of products is great and vast is the collection of fabric options. World’s finest materials are used to tailor products and most sophisticated patterns are incorporated. The team of the company includes expert bespoke tailors, master designers and professional stylist. Together we build a fashion world to offer the latest trends and styles to people of Hong Kong and people across the world.


Mission and Vision of Manning Company Bespoke Tailors


Mission statement :

“To provide the highest quality level bespoke tailored garments defining individual’s unique panache and personality”

Vision :

•   Position our team of experts at the top list of bespoke tailor around the globe.
•   Identify and understand different personality and body needs.
•   Designing, crafting, tailoring and styling the most elegant piece of garment for each customer.
•   Provide the finest quality of fabric, patterns and fittings.
•   Offer only value for money.
•   Exploring the fashion world and spreading our bespoke tailoring worldwide.

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