Custom Suit Hong Kong

Custom Suit Hong Kong


Custom suits differ from bespoke, off the rack suits and from the saville row tailoring process. Custom suits age well over the years, they carry distinct signature styles  designed uniquely bearing your taste in mind. Tailor takes note of the curated design and fit preference and improvises the final design through a series of trial and error correction. The process involves hand stitches in some important parts for perfect contours along with machine stitch.

From personalizing lapels to make extra sturdy shoulder paddles, and freedom to choose from various silhouette collections. Custom suits give the space to stand out making even customisation of boutonniere and button holes of your choice. This customization can be extended in preference of trouser personalization keeping future in mind. Trousers with belt loops or sporting an adjusters, simple style maneuvers that carry your personality is what makes custom suit culture one of the popular fashion disciplines of Hong Kong.   


Custom suits in Hong Kong began as Labeled-focused and status-inspired clothing that slowly became a norm in the Hong Kong fashion circle. Custom suits and related expressions are often complicated to verbalize. The session is an important learning curve for both clients and our company. Chinese enthusiasts from the mainland liked the vibrancy and tax-free shopping in Hong Kong. It led to chains of designers and clothing lines that became unique to Hong Kong’s custom suit identity. HK combined a deep western tradition of suit couture that’s not machine-made and stays true to Hong Kong’s rule of handmade suits. Many companies combine the best of couture artistry with deep western classics. Manning’s company stays true to the cherished spirit of Hong Kong. It brings the world of lasting legacies gleaning from western suiting artistry like English, Italian, and French styles. They were mixing it with the unique mandarin traditional suiting experience. Manning fashion believes in making the process super easy. The unique tailor team at Manning company offers expertise in designing custom suits, anything between classic and contemporary suits. 


Custom suits never go out of style and give timeless personalization with the assurance of flawless comfort and fit specially designed for you. A custom suit is a boon for individuals with distinct likings and preferences in their suiting style. It accentuates and enhances the best feature of its wearer through well-defined and accurate couture. Custom suits stand apart from off-the-rack suits for their endless personalization space offering comfortability at the same time. Off-the-rack suits limit the body contour fit since it’s made keeping generic body size in mind. Custom suits on the other hand give options to choose fabric type and color, style, seam method, and highlight individuality. It also provides freedom to choose between options like cuff shape, collar design, pocket design, placket type, and endless opportunities, making the suit individualistic and adding comfort to individual body fit. Custom suits are built to last and often outlast off-the-rack suits and emerge as a better long-term investment. The suit will be graced with outlines of your specific needs and attention to intricate details that exude confidence and style. 


Do Custom suits differ from Bespoke suits ?


Custom suits and Bespoke suits follow the same tailoring process except Bespoke suits are built from scratch while custom suits have a predefined base suit collection. The client is expected to select the base suit which is then perfected based on curation exchange between tailor and  client. Bespoke process is extensively biased towards creating a perfect fit involving several stages like skeleton baste fitting, forward fitting and fin bar fitting. 

Manning fashion can helm both discipline of suit clothing aimed at client satisfaction and manifesting the personality of the client.

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